the rising star and the star rising
oxidized, lasercut, cnc-milled aluminium
different sizes

The Rising Star are two-dimensional formations that have been generated from three-dimensional objects. These floor elements, made of oxidised aluminium, are based on the shape of an extruded star that has been reduced to its two-dimensional form. The main focus is on the image, perspective and space, more precisely, it is dealing with the question of fragmentation and deconstruction of form and its (visual) reconstruction. It is an object between image and sculpture and its physical presence initiates an interaction between the perception of the flat graphics and the physical space. This comprises the investigation of the symbolic meaning of shapes as well as the media-orientation of the shape of an object. What happens when the shape becomes a medium and what meaning do shapes have that primarily have no symbolism?

320 x 240 x 1 cm foto: karl unterfrauner

160 x 120 x 1cm, each preview berlin, D, 2008

magazin 4, bregenz, A, 2009 foto: werner j. hannappel

collection finstral, renon, I foto: othmar seehauser

preview, tempelhof, berlin, D, 2009

220 x 150 x 150 cm  preview, tempelhof, berlin, D, 2009