untitled (on gravity)
ss skull sheeted by train
ca. 3 x 4 cm
and hd video
warsaw, PL, 2010

...Totenkopf ist weg!, albeit it that, in Messner’s film, traces remain on the tracks after the skull has been crushed, the impress of an object which, in this instance, could be interpreted as the stamp of the memory that he has stirred into action. In the Polish context, his work takes on an additional meaning, particularly in the shadow of the successive public debates on World War II. Rather like the swastika absurdly carved into Christopher Waltz’s forehead by Brad Pitt in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds (2009), so that the world will remember, Messner’s Totenkopf is neutralised, brought to the level of an object. Yet the past automatically kicks in,

Joanna Ostrowska

galeria foksal, PL, 2011  foto: pawel eibel

galeria foksal, warsaw, PL foto: pawel eibel

galeria foksal, warsaw, PL